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Emma Stone Beauty Secrets + Diet and Fitness Routines & Regimens

Emily Jean Stone known professionally as Emma Stone, is an American actress. Stone was a cast member of the TV series Drive, and made her feature film debut in the comedy Superbad.

Read below to get the scoop on all of Emma Stone beauty secrets, beauty tips, skincare secrets, diet and fitness tips and more.


Emma Stone Skincare Secrets and Routine

I just use natural grapeseed oil from the grocery store on my face as moisturizer. After the shower, I pat it on, and then I’ll use it throughout the day and at night.

I can’t use a lot of skincare creams because I’m so sensitive to everything, but I’ve had luck with this [Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Intensive Repairing Serum].

Probably the top three things would be: moisturize, sleep and work on the eyebrows. Those are the three things I try to focus on in my daily life!

I have learned the importance of moisturizing. I have the driest skin on the planet. I use a Burt’s Bees cleanser and exfoliate with baking soda or brown sugar. I love coconut oil and olive oil, too. My skin doesn’t produce oil, so I have to replace it somehow.

Emma Stone Makeup Secrets and Routine

I’ve been using this foundation [Revlon ColorStay Makeup in Buff] since started wearing makeup.

I’m actually trying to go easier on foundation these days.

I like how it’s [Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Candy Apple] got color, but it’s basically a lip balm.

This mascara [Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara] changed it all for me. It’s the one thing – other than grapeseed oil – that I can’t leave the house without wearing.

The one scent I keep by my bed is Gardenia by Chanel, but Chance is probably my all-time favorite.

I tried this gel-like color [Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel] and it lasts for 11 days… I’m drawn to super-bright shades like fuchia and purple.

Emma Stone Hair Secrets and Routine

This clarifying shampoo and conditioner [Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo and Nounou Conditioner] doesn’t weigh down my hair, and the conditioner is great for baby-fine hair. It also smells very good, too.

Emma Stone Diet Secrets and Routine

I never can beat myself up about it. I definitely am not restrictive. You are a human being, you live once and life is wonderful, so eat the damn red velvet cupcake.

Emma Stone Fitness Secrets and Routine

Pilates is the one thing that makes me happy while I’m doing it. But other than that, it puts me in a bad mood to lift stuff over my head.

Running is bad for your knees and I like to do things I actually enjoy, like going for a swim.


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