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Lily Aldridge Beauty Secrets + Diet and Fitness Routines & Regimens

Lily Aldridge is an American model best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret.

Read below to get the scoop on all of Lily Aldridge beauty secrets, beauty tips, skincare secrets, diet and fitness tips and more.


Lily Aldridge Skincare Secrets and Routine

[I love] Crème de la Mer cream for while I’m flying. It’s so moisturizing.

Take care of yourself and love yourself. Be healthy and happy. Do nothing in extremes and everything in moderation. Rest is also very important.

I think just washing your face after you’ve had bunches of makeup on. I think its not very great for your skin, foundation and all that, so as soon as you get home scrub your face and keep it clean.

I think like 8, 7 hours [of sleep] is good.

I’m obsessed with this [rms beauty] oil. When I put it on at night my skin glows when I wake up!

Those [Fresh lip balm] are so good—I literally just bought five of them; there are tons in my bag. They come in all different colors and I use all of them.

I like Fresh’s candles and body polish too, and I love bath salts—EO bath salts.

I’ve been using Mario Badescu face lotion since I was sixteen. It’s perfect.

I love my Clarisonic—it’s amazing, it just gets all the gunk off. Especially for models, you have so much makeup on all the time, so as soon as I get home I’m scrubbing it all off! But it’s really soft—you just wet it or put a cleanser on it.

I like Cetaphil because it’s so gentle.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 30 is one of my essentials for a day at the beach.

Water water water…and sleep!

Lily Aldridge Makeup Secrets and Routine

My summer beauty must have, winter beauty must have, fall beauty must have… everything must have is fragrance.

[My beauty routine is] as little makeup as possible.

When I’m not working I’ll wear some NARS Laguna bronzer, and I use highlighters a lot. Rose-Marie Swift has this natural one called Living Luminizer and it’s amazing, it gives your skin a really nice glow. Anything really simple and natural I like.

[In my makeup bag] you would find hundreds of Victoria’s Secret lip glosses, chapstick, perfume, hand lotion and hand sanitizer. I used Mario Badescu Honey Moisturizer and I actually use Victoria’s Secret mini-hand sanitizers. The hand sanitizer’s are so cute. They come in pink, purple… all kinds of colors so I have hundreds of those too in my bag.

[To look good in photos, I learned] curling your eyelashes and lots of mascara!

Lily Aldridge Hair Secrets and Routine

My #1 secret is my hair colourist Tracey Cunningham in L.A. My hair is naturally dark brown so Tracey goes in, bleaches the ends to this light, blonde colour and makes it look really beachy and fresh. Tracey and I have known each other since I was four-years-old, so when I went to her, I told her I wanted my hair from my childhood. I had this incredible golden hue to it that I loved and she reimagined it for me today.

I don’t douse my hair in mayonnaise or brush it 100 times. What I will tell you is that I take daily Omega fish oil supplements and I can’t tell you how much it improves my nails, skin and hair.

I have wavy hair but I’ll curl it every three or four days with a 1 ½” curling iron, and pull it out with a tong.

Oribe has an amazing Dry Texturizing Spray I use.

Lily Aldridge Diet Secrets and Routine

Its all about balance. I’m eating a lot of organic proteins and vegetables! Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is my number one priority because I’m nursing my daughter.

I love Larabars, they are the easiest healthy snack to grab and go.

[I eat] a lot of organic veggies and proteins. Especially leading up to the show you need to eat a very clean diet.

Lily Aldridge Fitness Secrets and Routine

I do a lot of yoga and Pilates. I think men should do them, too. They’re amazing ways to work out. I’m constantly telling my husband he should do Pilates because it’s such an intense workout. I know it seems really girly, but I’ve seen huge athletes do it! I’ve tried running, but I turn bright red—there’s nothing cute about it.

I think its really important to mix cardio with toning so I love boxing and then add in Pilates or ballet to keep me long and lean and avoid bulking up.

I love listening to rock & roll while working out! Queens of the Stone Age and Arcade Fire are a few of my go to bands for breaking a sweat.

Pilates, yoga, boxing, ballet. I like to mix it up so that I don’t get bored.

It [pilates] really changes the way my body feels. And after I finish, it’s like I’ve had a massage.

[I take] a lot of ballet classes at Ballet Beautiful and also doing a lot of pilates.

[I do] two-a-day workouts some days! It’s a lot of work to get ready for the show, but I love it so it’s worth it.

Miranda introduced me to Justin Gelband four years ago.

My favorite thing is jumping on the Reformer, but we also kickbox and do a bunch of crunches and sit-ups. That section isn’t much fun, but the results are worth it!


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