Skinny Secrets! Victoria Secret Model Lily Aldridge Tells More About Her Diet

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Victoria Secret model Lily Aldridge shared more of her skinny secrets. She’s just really elegant and grounded to me! One of my favorite VS models.
Lily recently sat down with Refinery29 and did a photo shoot, my favorite look is above.

Besides the fashion, she shared more of her secrets to staying skinny and a few beauty tips as well.

Lily Aldridge Diet Secrets

It (my diet) changes. Last night we had a spaghetti bolognese and a chocolate pudding. Today, I’m going for sushi.

Everything in moderation — I don’t eat hamburgers every day, but if I want a hamburger, I’ll have a hamburger. I eat really clean and healthy most of the time but I think you need to indulge a little.

[When preparing for a show].. a lot of salmon and just grilled vegetables with olive oil.

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 Lily Aldridge Fitness Secrets

Ballet Beautiful with Mary Helen Bowers. She’s incredible; she’s changed my body in a really healthy way. It’s just amazing.

Lily Aldridge Hair Secrets

To get that tousled look, I wrap my hair around a curling iron and then pull it out so it doesn’t look so glamorous. It looks a little more casual. I add a little hairspray and then I like to sleep on it.

Lily Aldridge Makeup Secrets and Favorite Products

I love anything that will make your skin luminous. Rosemary Swift’s line, RMS Beauty, has this amazing product, Living Luminizer, and I just put it on my cheeks and the bridge of my nose and it just makes you look healthy and glowy.

Lily Aldridge Skincare Secrets

Yes, I actually use Miranda Kerr’s KORA. It’s the best. It’s amazing. I have the hand cream and the lotion — it makes your skin feel so good. It’s organic so when I was pregnant, I was using it all the time because I wanted to use nice clean products. And, I still use them… I even use them on my baby.

And their you have it. Lily recommends moderation, working out and organic products.

♥ Tierra, Editor

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